The Temwani Children’s Foundation seeks to support projects that raise the standard of living and wellbeing of orphaned children and communities impoverished by the effects of HIV/AIDS in Lusaka, Zambia in Africa.

Our Foundation will strive to accomplish this mission through many avenues including:

  1. Direct assistance to children in Zambia, especially orphans, through education, medical care, psycho-social counseling, food, shelter, clothing, and technology.
  2. Facilitating long-term sustainable economic security for the children, their guardians, and their communities.
  3. Developing materials and programs to educate non-Zambians about topics that contribute to and exacerbate poverty such as HIV/AIDS and other diseases, and cultural, historical, political and economic factors.
  4. Fostering respectful and beneficial cross-cultural relationships between Zambia, Ng’ombe compound in Lusaka, schools such as the Kondwa Day center, and non-Zambian countries.
  5. Addressing these and other Millennium Development Goals that have been embraced by the global community as targets for holistic and sustainable development for the impoverished.

The Temwani Children’s Foundation will follow its mission and focus on these outcomes with a deep respect of the Zambian culture and awareness of the complex global village of which we are all a part.