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Volunteer Spotlight – Hillary Gonzales

Hillary Gonzales Temwani VolunteerHillary Gonzales (top photo), from Cottonwood Arizona, is a consultant for the Body Shop at Home. The Body Shop advocates community trade in Zambia, purchasing honey, beeswax, and nettle leaves for use in their shampoos and make-up, supporting the local economy.

In 2007, Hillary sponsored several in-home spa events and an online fundraiser, donating up to 35% of sales to the Kondwa Children’s Foundation. She raised more than $1,000 toward the new Kachele Primary School.

Because of her efforts, Hillary is now the recipient of a prestigious award from The Body Shop International.

In September of 2006, Hillary visited Zambia and helped to paint murals at the Kondwa Day Center (see lower below). Congratulations and thank you, Hillary!