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Teacher Training Workshop – Summer 2007

By Kathy Allen and Phoebe Goodwin

Teachers and administrators from twenty community schools in N’gombe Compound participated in a teacher training workshop sponsored by the Kondwa Day Centre for Orphans during the TCF volunteer trip, Summer, 2007. Conducted by Phoebe Goodwin, a middle school math and science teacher, and Kathleen Allen, a school psychologist, (both from Tucson, Arizona) the workshop focused on providing ideas for classroom management; teaching methods for math, science and reading; and an understanding of different learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Among the 40 participants were teachers of preschool age children up to 7th grade, and a few school administrators. Teacher training
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Kachele – Gardens for a New School

Thanks to private donors, Kachele Primary School already has a home for its foundations. Below you can read an update written by one of our 1st session 2007 Summer trip volunteers. Trip participants also planted a living fence around the land perimeter. Kachele – Gardens for a New School July 2007 A plot of land, 1.7 hectares in size, awaits the trampling of 420 feet. Once the Kachele Primary School is built, 210 students will fill its seven grades. But while the planning for the school has started and the buildings will follow, the land itself has already been put to productive use. Read more