School Raises over $1000 for Angel Project

Our Temwani Fundraising Experience
Submitted by the Huron Centennial School

Fundraisers at Huron Centennial Public School - Cananda

Our school raised money for the Temwani Children’s Foundation and we found it to be a very successful experience. It felt good to raise so much money for such a good cause.

Our school, Huron Centennial Public raised a grand total of $1000.92 which reached well above our goal! We had hoped to raise $500 but our school was so willing to give generous donations that we raised twice our goal.

With the information that we had on the Temwani Foundation, we explained to our students how to “be an angel” at Christmas. Our school was so happy to know that we were helping these children with school and supplies that were so desperately needed.

We would like to continue our involvement with the Temwani Foundation in the future and help those who are less fortunate.

Ben, Shannen, Lydia, Magnus, Sydney

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