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Zambia Trip 09 Highlights

By Bevin Dunn

angel project 08
You helped provide clothes and toothbrushes to over 90 kids this year!

Recently, two Temwani Officers, Regan Murray and I , made the trek to Lusaka, Zambia to check on our projects and meet face to face with our key partners. We want to report that your donations are having a real impact on children there!

Our objectives for the trip were ambitious — we squeezed in meetings and volunteer opportunities in the mornings, afternoons and evenings! We intended to give real-time updates during our trip, but our busy schedule and short times at the internet cafĂ© just did not give us the opportunity.

We have so many stories to share that we will feature them in depth over the next few months.

I know many Temwani supporters are anxious to hear about the trip , so here are some brief highlights with photos of the Angel Project, PaKachele School, Blanket Project and the Braille Printer! Read more