Unity Church of Peace in Tucson, Arizona

“I’m enjoying bringing Grace into my prayer and meditation space each day. I feel on some level she and I are becoming friends.” –Marcia Breitenbach of Unity Church.
Marcia prays for Grace

After viewing a video on the conditions of orphans across the globe, Unity Church of Peace members Kat Domet and Marcia Breitenbach were inspired to find some way to assist.

In May of 2010, the Temwani Children’s Foundation was chosen as the beneficiary of the monthly outreach giving program, and a fall potluck was held to support the feeding program at the PaKachele Primary School.  Since 2010, Unity Church has raised over $1,645 through their outreach giving program and a World Food Day Potluck.

Temwani board member, Leah Berger, visited Unity Church and presented a slideshow about the school and its students. In addition, members of the congregation volunteered to be a part of a prayer exchange with the communities served by Temwani.

Mama Phiri with her prayer family

House Mother and Head Cook for Kondwa Day Center, Velediana Phiri, with a picture of prayer exchange participants Susan, Jim, and Ruth Sellers, of Unity Church of Peace.

Prayer and the power of optimistic thinking have long been believed to affect healthy outcomes, and in HIV-affected areas of Africa, prayer provides a pillar of support for communities experiencing much hardship and grief.

Angela Malik, director of three projects serving the people of N’gombe neighborhood, was inspired to promote the prayer exchange with the teachers and staff at both PaKachele Primary School and the Kondwa Day Centre for Orphans and Vulnerable children. The exchange was voluntary, however all of the teachers and staff chose to participate, sending back specific prayer requests for themselves and their families.

Many thanks for the dedication of support from Unity Church!

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