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Temwani is an Official Charity for the Flying Pig Marathon

Flying Pig LogoPlease support the runners of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon who are running for Temwani!

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We wish everyone a great race!


Temwani Children’s Foundation World Food Day Events

World Food DayThe United Nations estimates that more than 850 million people worldwide are undernourished. World Food Day recognizes that every person should have the right to sufficient, nutritionally adequate, and culturally acceptable food for an active healthy life. To ensure this same right to the children of N’gombe Compound that will attend the new Kachele Primary School, the Temwani Children’s Foundation sponsored World Food Day events in Cincinnati, Des Moines, San Diego, San Jose, and Tucson to raise money for the Kachele School lunch and breakfast program.

Our goal was to raise $4,000 – the amount it costs to provide two meals per school day to 30 students. We exceeded our goal and raised more than $5,000! Thank you to all those who attended our events across the country and to those businesses that donated wine, food, and auction items! Your generosity will ensure that the students who attend PaKachele Primary School in Zambia will be well fed and well prepared to learn every day! Thank you! Read more