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Support Temwani and Your Flying Pig Marathon runner!

Flying Pig LogoWe are proud to once again be a Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon Charity!

Please support the runners of the Flying Pig Marathon who are running for Temwani!

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We wish everyone a great race!

2012 Annual Campaign Results!

With your help and that of more than 100 other generous donors around the world, Temwani Children’s Foundation raised over $20,000 through our Annual Campaign Matching Gift Challenge! With your help, hope is blossoming for the children at PaKachele Primary School in Lusaka Zambia!

ZIKOMO KWA MBILI! Many Thanks! Generous donors like you are making a difference!

Accomplishments & Thanks so big it won’t fit in this Post!

What a Year! Thanks for all our supporters help! Click the image below to view the web poster that displays many of the wonderful things we all accomplished in 2012 for PaKachele School in Zambia!

Temwani 2012 Accomplishments for PaKachele School

Hope Blossoms Annual Campaign

Hope Blossoms in our Annual Campaign with our First Matching Gift Challenge!

This year a wonderful supporter, who loves our mission, will match each dollar donated to our Annual Campaign up to $10,000!

Your donation today will ensure that PaKachele school expansion, teaching, learning, playing and eating nutritious food continue.

In January:

  • The school will expand to include grade five
  • A new teacher will be hired to teach 35 new students
  • Additional food will be prepared for hungry kids each day
  • Pencils, paper, & supplies will be needed to help them finish their assignments.

Please accept this matching gift challenge and help hope blossom for even more children in Zambia. 

As the school expands 25% next year, consider increasing your own donation by 25%.Help Temwani reach its fundraising goal of $20,000 for the orphans and vulnerable children at PaKachele School.

View the latest video of PaKachele Primary School and hear from the children themselves about how you are impacting their lives!

New Video Highlights PaKachele School & Temwani’s Contributions

Temwani is excited to share this new 9 minute video about PaKachele School in Zambia, built with support from the Temwani Children’s Foundation.

Video footage is by the Zambian company Loyola Productions and includes:

  • The PaKachele Opening Ceremony
  • Interviews with Director Angela Malik
  • Highlights from Temwani Co-Presidents Regan Murray and Leah Berger
  • Child spotlights
  • Many wonderful shots of the brave children the school serves and supports

Watch this new video below!

New Annual Report Published

Temwani Annual Report 2010Worth the wait, the 2010 Annual Report is ready to read and download!  This 12-page PDF is a beautiful full color publication with project updates, donor and financial information plus some inspiration!

Click to download the Annual Report PDF >>
Annual Report 2010 Sample Pages

With Your Help, Love Grows – 2011 Holiday Angel Project

Temwani Children’s Foundation’s Holiday Angel Project, provides essential clothing, hygiene and  school supplies to orphaned and vulnerable children of the Ngombe neighborhood,  in Lusaka, Zambia.

Last year, more than 200 students at three schools and a home for girls were given toothbrushes, socks, t-shirts, educational books and interactive toys. 

The children were grateful for all of the gifts, but when we brought out the soccer balls and jump ropes at PaKachele Primary School, the kids went wild! More recently, the school hosted intramural sports competitions with other area schools, building confidence and teamwork among the children.

Additionally, students at PaKachele School received uniforms (seen below) tailored by the Mapalo Women’s sewing group of Ngombe and sweaters produced on a knitting machine donated through the Temwani Children’s Foundation in 2006.

children on playground with Angels gifts

With simple basic tools, orphaned and vulnerable children can grow and thrive! This year, we are striving to provide gifts to 300 children!

$25 or more ensures that each child receives a school sweater or uniform, toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, and school supplies.

Share your love this holiday season with an orphaned child in Zambia! Visit our Holiday Angels Page to learn more and make a donation!

Shop with “Causefidence” this Holiday Season!

What if Temwani Children’s Foundation earned a donation every time you searched the Internet? Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support our cause? Well, now it can!

And if you download the GoodSearch – Temwani Children’s Foundation toolbar, our cause will earn money every time you shop and search online – even if you forget to go to GoodShop or GoodSearch first! Read more

With your help, love grows: Annual Campaign 2011


Lackson is one of the fast-growing, bright-eyed young shoots attending the PaKachele Primary School, the school your contributions have helped to build in Lusaka, Zambia. A second grader, he dreams of growing up to be a doctor who will “give injections and save lives.”

Lackson with Grandparents

Lackson, age 7, lives with loving grandparents who struggle to provide him with nutritious food and a reliable roof over his head. With your help, he is now a growing, thriving, ambitious second grader at PaKachele Primary School.

In order to help Lackson reach his dreams, the PaKachele School needs to be expanded to hold grades 4-7, new teachers need to be hired, and two meals need to be provided to students every day.

Please GIVE to our 2011 Annual Campaign to ensure a brighter future for Lackson and other orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia. Thank you!

Unity Church of Peace in Tucson, Arizona

“I’m enjoying bringing Grace into my prayer and meditation space each day. I feel on some level she and I are becoming friends.” –Marcia Breitenbach of Unity Church.
Marcia prays for Grace

After viewing a video on the conditions of orphans across the globe, Unity Church of Peace members Kat Domet and Marcia Breitenbach were inspired to find some way to assist.

In May of 2010, the Temwani Children’s Foundation was chosen as the beneficiary of the monthly outreach giving program, and a fall potluck was held to support the feeding program at the PaKachele Primary School.  Since 2010, Unity Church has raised over $1,645 through their outreach giving program and a World Food Day Potluck.

Temwani board member, Leah Berger, visited Unity Church and presented a slideshow about the school and its students. In addition, members of the congregation volunteered to be a part of a prayer exchange with the communities served by Temwani. Read more