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New Video Highlights PaKachele School & Temwani’s Contributions

Temwani is excited to share this new 9 minute video about PaKachele School in Zambia, built with support from the Temwani Children’s Foundation.

Video footage is by the Zambian company Loyola Productions and includes:

  • The PaKachele Opening Ceremony
  • Interviews with Director Angela Malik
  • Highlights from Temwani Co-Presidents Regan Murray and Leah Berger
  • Child spotlights
  • Many wonderful shots of the brave children the school serves and supports

Watch this new video below!

Del Mar Times – Foundation helps children orphaned by AIDS in Zambia

Carmel Valley resident’s foundation helps children orphaned by AIDS in Zambia – Del Mar Times, Dec 13, 2010

Link to Article:

Bevin Dunn of Temwani Children’s Foundation with Zambian children in 2009.