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Zambia Trip 09 Highlights

By Bevin Dunn

angel project 08
You helped provide clothes and toothbrushes to over 90 kids this year!

Recently, two Temwani Officers, Regan Murray and I , made the trek to Lusaka, Zambia to check on our projects and meet face to face with our key partners. We want to report that your donations are having a real impact on children there!

Our objectives for the trip were ambitious — we squeezed in meetings and volunteer opportunities in the mornings, afternoons and evenings! We intended to give real-time updates during our trip, but our busy schedule and short times at the internet cafĂ© just did not give us the opportunity.

We have so many stories to share that we will feature them in depth over the next few months.

I know many Temwani supporters are anxious to hear about the trip , so here are some brief highlights with photos of the Angel Project, PaKachele School, Blanket Project and the Braille Printer! Read more

Temwani’s Braille Printer Project

PrinterImagine that you are visually impaired, living in an impoverished area with few monetary resources, and have little access to education. How would you learn to protect yourself from HIV/AIDS?

The Temwani Children’s Foundation is supporting the HIV/AIDS Infor-Tech Africa (HAITA) project in its efforts to educate the visually impaired populations of Zambia. A Lusaka based NGO, its mission is to “provide adequate support, awareness, and bridge the gap of unequal distribution of HIV/AIDS literature…particularly the visually impaired community”.

HAITA is seeking a braille printer to produce HIV/AIDS educational literature for the visually impaired. With your help, KCF intends to purchase a printer and ship it to Zambia by October 2008. Every dollar you give will be matched (up to $3,000) thanks to a recent grant we received from the Tides Foundation.

There are many ways you can help:

  • Run a race and donate the proceeds.
  • Hold a yard sale
  • Hold a bake sale
  • Ask a local band to donate proceeds from their next concert
  • Set up a donation jar at your local grocery store or eye doctor’s office
  • Make a donation to TCF earmarked for the Braille Printer Project.