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Calling All Angels! – Holiday Angel Project 2012

It’s hard to believe it, but this year will be the 8th year of the Temwani Children’s
Foundation Annual Holiday Angel Project. (This was our first program, started the year before we formed the Foundation!)

Since 2005, now over 1200 orphaned and vulnerable
in Lusaka, Zambia have received necessary clothing, hygiene and school
supplies! All because generous people like you recognized that a little boost is
sometimes all that’s necessary to make a difference.

With your help, Temwani Children’s Foundation will provide these bare essentials to
children in grades 1-5 at the PaKachele Primary school.

Your contribution of just
$25 or more ensures that over 175 children will receive:

angels uniforms A school uniform, part of the standard code of dress in Zambian public
schools. Past uniforms tailored by the Mapalo Women’s sewing group of Ngombe.
angels sweaters A sweater to wear in the cold dry season, knit by the Mapalo Women’s
Sewing Group on a knitting machine donated through the Temwani Children’s Foundation.
angels food Two hot meals a day served at PaKachele School to support developing minds and growing bodies.
angels supplies School supplies, such as pencils, paper, & books to help with important daily

Please join us today! Share your love this holiday season with an orphaned child in


With Your Help, Love Grows – 2011 Holiday Angel Project

Temwani Children’s Foundation’s Holiday Angel Project, provides essential clothing, hygiene and  school supplies to orphaned and vulnerable children of the Ngombe neighborhood,  in Lusaka, Zambia.

Last year, more than 200 students at three schools and a home for girls were given toothbrushes, socks, t-shirts, educational books and interactive toys. 

The children were grateful for all of the gifts, but when we brought out the soccer balls and jump ropes at PaKachele Primary School, the kids went wild! More recently, the school hosted intramural sports competitions with other area schools, building confidence and teamwork among the children.

Additionally, students at PaKachele School received uniforms (seen below) tailored by the Mapalo Women’s sewing group of Ngombe and sweaters produced on a knitting machine donated through the Temwani Children’s Foundation in 2006.

children on playground with Angels gifts

With simple basic tools, orphaned and vulnerable children can grow and thrive! This year, we are striving to provide gifts to 300 children!

$25 or more ensures that each child receives a school sweater or uniform, toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, and school supplies.

Share your love this holiday season with an orphaned child in Zambia! Visit our Holiday Angels Page to learn more and make a donation!

Angels Project PSA Video by 6th Graders

A short and very cute Holiday Angels Project “Public Service Announcement” video made by 6th Graders at HTMNC school. I am sure you will forgive some sound issues knowing that the same 6th grade class raised over $2000 for PaKachele School :)

Zambia Trip 09 Highlights

By Bevin Dunn

angel project 08
You helped provide clothes and toothbrushes to over 90 kids this year!

Recently, two Temwani Officers, Regan Murray and I , made the trek to Lusaka, Zambia to check on our projects and meet face to face with our key partners. We want to report that your donations are having a real impact on children there!

Our objectives for the trip were ambitious — we squeezed in meetings and volunteer opportunities in the mornings, afternoons and evenings! We intended to give real-time updates during our trip, but our busy schedule and short times at the internet café just did not give us the opportunity.

We have so many stories to share that we will feature them in depth over the next few months.

I know many Temwani supporters are anxious to hear about the trip , so here are some brief highlights with photos of the Angel Project, PaKachele School, Blanket Project and the Braille Printer! Read more

School Raises over $1000 for Angel Project

Our Temwani Fundraising Experience
Submitted by the Huron Centennial School

Fundraisers at Huron Centennial Public School - Cananda

Our school raised money for the Temwani Children’s Foundation and we found it to be a very successful experience. It felt good to raise so much money for such a good cause.

Our school, Huron Centennial Public raised a grand total of $1000.92 which reached well above our goal! We had hoped to raise $500 but our school was so willing to give generous donations that we raised twice our goal.

With the information that we had on the Temwani Foundation, we explained to our students how to “be an angel” at Christmas. Our school was so happy to know that we were helping these children with school and supplies that were so desperately needed.

We would like to continue our involvement with the Temwani Foundation in the future and help those who are less fortunate.

Ben, Shannen, Lydia, Magnus, Sydney