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High School Students Wrap for Donations

People To People Club members wrapping

People To People Club members led by Ayesha Kapil (far right) take the first shift at wrapping gifts for donations.

For the past five holiday seasons, Temwani Board Officer,  Bevin Dunn, has wrapped gifts at a San Diego based Barnes and Noble bookstore in return for donations to Temwani.  It’s a great way to benefit HIV/AIDS orphans in Zambia, gives Temwani Children’s Foundation public exposure, and, says Bevin:  “I always meet wonderful people who inspire me with their generosity.”

One year while gift wrapping, Bevin met a couple whose daughter Ayesha was forming a branch of the service club, People To People, at Torrey Pines High School. “I ended up giving a few presentations to the new group, including slideshows about Temwani’s work.  I also helped the students brainstorm ways to raise funds for charities and gave them tips on how to talk about a cause they care about,” Bevin shared.

The following year, Ayesha’s club tackled a gift wrapping day of their own, taking on a busy weekend in three shifts. They were nervous about how to engage strangers with their message about Temwani Children’s Foundation in the short time it takes to wrap a book (usually just 1-2 minutes!).

busy wrapping for donation

“After giving them pointers at the beginning of the shift, I felt bad when the very first customer didn’t give a donation,” Bevin said.  “But, it helped the kids improve their message about why they were wrapping gifts, and after only one hour, they had filled the donation basket!  The second crew had a prime shopping time, and wrapped up a storm, pulling in several $20 donations.  The third shift was busy with people who gave large donations, and received the largest donation of $30.  These kids rocked it!!”

“I am so proud of all the students, and they were excited knowing they really made a difference for orphans in Zambia.  They blew away their goal of raising $120, and almost doubled it, raising a total of $230 in one day!”    Later, the club raised an additional $80 at a book drive.

Zikomo (many thanks) goes out to Ayesha Kapil and the members of Torrey Pines’ People to People for their help!

You too can raise money for Temwani by wrapping gifts during the holiday season! Most large chain bookstores provide opportunities for charitable groups to gift wrap during the winter holidays for a chosen nonprofit organization that keeps all the donations received by volunteers. The stores provide the wrapping supplies-all you need to do is show up! Time slots start to fill up in October, and volunteers are needed from Thanksgiving to Christmas. If you are looking for a fun way to help Temwani Children’s Foundation this year, this is a great option! 

Contact Bevin at:  dunn [@] for more information.

6th graders raise over $2000 for PaKachele School!

In the Fall of 2010, the entire 6th grade at High Tech Middle North County school in San Marcos, CA embarked on a two month intensive project – to learn about the issues facing children in Zambia and to plan a Temwani Children’s Foundation fundraiser to help build PaKachele School..

6th graders at the middle school taped messages
for the children in Zambia.

HTMNC is a project-based school where students learn by experiencing the world around them. For the Fall they were able to incorporate their learning into their media classes by making Public Service Announcement videos, studying the geography and customs of Africa, fundraising planning, and public speaking. Temwani’s Technology Coordinator, Bevin Dunn, visited the students three times to show slideshows, play interactive games, and lead discussions.

Kids celebrate news of their first $100 donation. Fundraiser night poster – local Lion’s Club support. Colorful kid-made magnets for sale.

The culmination of their hard work and study came together with a Fundraiser Night on December 14, 2010. Students ran a Silent Auction with Zambian items provided by Temwani, manned over 10 craft and informational booths, and sold snacks for a showing of the Lion King movie.  The booths were full of creative ideas including decorating baseball caps, jewelry making and even a photo shoot with a classic car. The students also received a $100 grant from the Del Sol Lions Club to support their fundraiser costs.

Through their amazing efforts they were able to raise over $2000! The project also inspired their teacher Tracy Nathan to organize travel with a fellow teacher in the Summer of 2011 to visit Zambia and the PaKachele school in person.

Temwani is so proud of the kids, teachers and parents that supported this project, which is the largest school fundraising effort to date. Great job HTMNC and Zikomo (Thanks)!

Fundraiser Night

Coordinators Tracy Nathan and Bevin Dunn at the fundraiser. HTMNC students give pubic presentations. Having fun at the fundraiser!

Unity Church of Peace in Tucson, Arizona

“I’m enjoying bringing Grace into my prayer and meditation space each day. I feel on some level she and I are becoming friends.” –Marcia Breitenbach of Unity Church.
Marcia prays for Grace

After viewing a video on the conditions of orphans across the globe, Unity Church of Peace members Kat Domet and Marcia Breitenbach were inspired to find some way to assist.

In May of 2010, the Temwani Children’s Foundation was chosen as the beneficiary of the monthly outreach giving program, and a fall potluck was held to support the feeding program at the PaKachele Primary School.  Since 2010, Unity Church has raised over $1,645 through their outreach giving program and a World Food Day Potluck.

Temwani board member, Leah Berger, visited Unity Church and presented a slideshow about the school and its students. In addition, members of the congregation volunteered to be a part of a prayer exchange with the communities served by Temwani. Read more

Guardians Sing and Give Video – ThanksTemwani Blanket Project

Taken April 2011, as part of the Temwani Children’s Foundation’s Blanket Project, which gives warm Zambian made blankets to the guardians of orphaned children at PaKachele Primary School and Kondwa Day Center in Lusaka, Zambia. Women and men who provide important care for these children, are singing and shaking hands of Temwani members just before the blankets were given out.

Del Mar Times – Foundation helps children orphaned by AIDS in Zambia

Carmel Valley resident’s foundation helps children orphaned by AIDS in Zambia – Del Mar Times, Dec 13, 2010

Link to Article:

Bevin Dunn of Temwani Children’s Foundation with Zambian children in 2009.

Teacher Workshop for Grief & Loss in Children

by Marie Vagedes, LCSW
Teacher WorkshopA little less than a year ago, I had the opportunity to join with a group of primary school teachers working in Lusaka, Zambia through the Temwani Children’s Foundation volunteer trip. This opportunity for connection took on the form of a 6-day workshop that my dear friend and colleague Leah Berger and I facilitated at the Kondwa Day Centre for teachers working at area schools within N’gombe compound.

The workshop focused on grief and loss issues in children. The material for the workshop was drawn from our combined personal and professional experiences. Read more

Grief Counseling Through Memory Books & the Creative Arts

By Laurie Holland

After my first trip to Zambia in 2006, I observed a great number of orphaned children grieving the loss of loved ones who had died from HIV/AIDS. Upon my return to San Jose State University, I devoted my graduate thesis research to “grief intervention for AIDS-orphaned children in Africa”. When I returned to Zambia in the summer of 2007, I had the inspiring opportunity to implement many of the creative arts activities from this research with two groups of young Zambian girls ages nine to fourteen.

Laurie with the girls in the grief workshop
Laurie with the girls in the grief workshop.

Memory Books & Psychodrama

I found memory books to be by far the greatest tool in assisting the girls to process their pain and loss. Read more

Autism and Special Needs in Africa – Little Assisi School

By Adam Hardin

Little Girl at Assisi School

On a dusty mid-July day, three plumbers who have placed a water valve in the wrong location are dealing with one very determined nun. Sister Helen Scully is the director of the Little Assisi, a school for children with special needs, in N’gombe compound in Lusaka Zambia.

Today, for the first time, Assisi has running water, but the plumbers have mistaken placed the valve directly in the front yard where the children play. They are reluctant to move it, and for that they are being sternly re-directed.

The Assisi school serves 26 children who exhibit characteristics of mental retardation, autism, and various other disorders that impede their learning in more traditional educational settings. Sister Helen and her staff spend their days feeding and educating these children who would otherwise have no place else to go. Read more

School Raises over $1000 for Angel Project

Our Temwani Fundraising Experience
Submitted by the Huron Centennial School

Fundraisers at Huron Centennial Public School - Cananda

Our school raised money for the Temwani Children’s Foundation and we found it to be a very successful experience. It felt good to raise so much money for such a good cause.

Our school, Huron Centennial Public raised a grand total of $1000.92 which reached well above our goal! We had hoped to raise $500 but our school was so willing to give generous donations that we raised twice our goal.

With the information that we had on the Temwani Foundation, we explained to our students how to “be an angel” at Christmas. Our school was so happy to know that we were helping these children with school and supplies that were so desperately needed.

We would like to continue our involvement with the Temwani Foundation in the future and help those who are less fortunate.

Ben, Shannen, Lydia, Magnus, Sydney

Volunteer Spotlight – Hillary Gonzales

Hillary Gonzales Temwani VolunteerHillary Gonzales (top photo), from Cottonwood Arizona, is a consultant for the Body Shop at Home. The Body Shop advocates community trade in Zambia, purchasing honey, beeswax, and nettle leaves for use in their shampoos and make-up, supporting the local economy.

In 2007, Hillary sponsored several in-home spa events and an online fundraiser, donating up to 35% of sales to the Kondwa Children’s Foundation. She raised more than $1,000 toward the new Kachele Primary School.

Because of her efforts, Hillary is now the recipient of a prestigious award from The Body Shop International.

In September of 2006, Hillary visited Zambia and helped to paint murals at the Kondwa Day Center (see lower below). Congratulations and thank you, Hillary!