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It’s Official! Pakachele Opening Ceremony, March 25, 2011

Opening Day T-Shirt Drummers and Dancers Preschool Children Performing

Drums pounding out rhythms of celebration, children singing songs of praise, women dancing, laughter rippling through the crowd….. March 25, 2011 marked the official opening ceremony for the PaKachele Primary School in Lusaka, Zambia. Board members Regan Murray, Bevin Dunn, and Leah Berger attended on behalf of the over 300 donors from the Temwani Children’s Foundation who have contributed to the building of the school over the past five years. Read more

Guardians Sing and Give Video – ThanksTemwani Blanket Project

Taken April 2011, as part of the Temwani Children’s Foundation’s Blanket Project, which gives warm Zambian made blankets to the guardians of orphaned children at PaKachele Primary School and Kondwa Day Center in Lusaka, Zambia. Women and men who provide important care for these children, are singing and shaking hands of Temwani members just before the blankets were given out.

Teacher Training Workshop – Summer 2007

By Kathy Allen and Phoebe Goodwin

Teachers and administrators from twenty community schools in N’gombe Compound participated in a teacher training workshop sponsored by the Kondwa Day Centre for Orphans during the TCF volunteer trip, Summer, 2007. Conducted by Phoebe Goodwin, a middle school math and science teacher, and Kathleen Allen, a school psychologist, (both from Tucson, Arizona) the workshop focused on providing ideas for classroom management; teaching methods for math, science and reading; and an understanding of different learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Among the 40 participants were teachers of preschool age children up to 7th grade, and a few school administrators. Teacher training
Read more

Kachele – Gardens for a New School

Thanks to private donors, Kachele Primary School already has a home for its foundations. Below you can read an update written by one of our 1st session 2007 Summer trip volunteers. Trip participants also planted a living fence around the land perimeter. Kachele – Gardens for a New School July 2007 A plot of land, 1.7 hectares in size, awaits the trampling of 420 feet. Once the Kachele Primary School is built, 210 students will fill its seven grades. But while the planning for the school has started and the buildings will follow, the land itself has already been put to productive use. Read more

Volunteer Spotlight – Hillary Gonzales

Hillary Gonzales Temwani VolunteerHillary Gonzales (top photo), from Cottonwood Arizona, is a consultant for the Body Shop at Home. The Body Shop advocates community trade in Zambia, purchasing honey, beeswax, and nettle leaves for use in their shampoos and make-up, supporting the local economy.

In 2007, Hillary sponsored several in-home spa events and an online fundraiser, donating up to 35% of sales to the Kondwa Children’s Foundation. She raised more than $1,000 toward the new Kachele Primary School.

Because of her efforts, Hillary is now the recipient of a prestigious award from The Body Shop International.

In September of 2006, Hillary visited Zambia and helped to paint murals at the Kondwa Day Center (see lower below). Congratulations and thank you, Hillary!

Adam Hardin, US Sailor

16 volunteers will be traveling to Zambia to help bring supplies, and to start work on the Kachele Primary School. One of these volunteers is Adam Hardin, a sailor who has been stationed in Kuwait.

Adam and four of other men have been collecting supplies and funds for the Temwani Children’s Foundation and the Kondwa Day Center since the beginning of 2007.

In a Cincinnate Press article Adam explained, “It just doesn’t seem right for kids to be starving. This is just the right thing to do.”

Hardin returns home in May from Kuwait and will join our Zambia trip in June and July 2007.

We are all inspired by Adam’s giving, both to his country and the many children in Zambia. Many thanks to him and all our trip participants this summer!