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Elizabeth Chaanga

© 2003 James Howlett

Elizabeth was born in Lusaka, in 1988.
She wants to be a nurse.

© 2003 James Howlett

I don’t remember my mother because she died when I was two years old. I live at home with my father and my stepmother. My stepmother is my mother’s younger sister. For a long time, I used to believe that my stepmother was my real mother. She has looked after me since I was a baby.

I did not know that my stepmother was not my real mother. I found out this year, in January 2002.

This is how I found out. One day my brother and stepmother were quarrelling and then he said that she was not my mother. When I heard what my brother said, I did not believe what he said. I could not believe that my mother was dead. I was sad and angry. When I asked my father about it, he was angry.

There are some photos of my mother with my grandmother in the village but I have never seen them. I don’t know what she looked like. I can’t ask my father for them because he doesn’t like to talk about my mother.

One day, I hope to see photos of my mother so that I can know what she looked like. I want to know if she looks nice and to see if her face looks the same as mine.

Elizabeth’s mother, Charity Chiobeka Chaanga, died in 1990.