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Fisyani Ngulube

© 2003 James Howlett

Fisyani was born in Lundazi, Eastern Province, in 1991. She wants to be a teacher.

© 2003 James Howlett

My mother was light and short with long hair. She was fat. My mother died after she was sick. My father still lives in the village. He is not well because he was in a car accident. He cannot come to see me.

Before my mother was sick, my older brother and I lived with her in Lundazi. She looked after us. She used to sweep the house, wash our clothes, cook, and clean the plates. She used to give me a bath.

My mother worked in the fields with my brother. They grew maize, beans, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. It was good and we could eat all the things she grew.

If my mother were alive today, I would live well. In the mornings and evenings, she would give me tea, and rice or nshima . She would buy me clothes. I would like to have skirts, dresses and shorts.

If my mother were alive, I would be in school.
I feel sad when I talk about my mother.

Fisyani’s mother, Lucy Ngulube, died in 1999.
Her father lives in Lundazi.