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George Musanje

© 2003 James Howlett

George was born in Rufunsa, Eastern Province, in 1991.
He wants to be a pilot.

© 2003 James Howlett

My father was a bus driver. He drove buses from Chelstone to Rufunsa. He was short and a bit fat. He was a happy man and did not beat me. First, we lived in Rufunsa and then we moved to Chongwe, which is near Lusaka. When my father got sick we moved to Lusaka. We lived in Kaunda Square. Later we moved to Ng’ombe compound.

When my father was dying, he told my mother to look after us. We were all in the house. I was very angry because I didn’t know why he was talking like this. I didn’t know then that he was dying. Then my father said, ‘Take me outside, I want some fresh air.’ After a little while, he said, ‘ Take me back in the house, it’s finished’. We took him inside the house and then he died. I saw my father die. I was angry and I cried.

When my father died, my father’s relatives took everything from the house. They took our beds, mattresses, plates, pots and some clothes. My mother couldn’t do anything to stop them. She had to start selling vegetables, oranges and mangoes to get money to buy pots and plates again.

We had to move out of the house and find another house to rent. We had no money. Then my mother found a plot with a small house in Ng’ombe Extension. Later the house was demolished. We now live in Ng’ombe in a temporary shelter.

What I remember most about my dad is that he used to buy me many things such as clothes, toy cars and shoes. I love my mother and I loved my father.

© 2003 James Howlett

George’s father, Dyson Musanje, died in 2001.

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