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20's Style


When we think of the 1920’s we often think of Hollywood Great Gatsby flappers with flamboyant fringe and feathers. While this was a beautiful style, Hollywood and retro ideals in the 1960’s has greatly influenced this memory.


If you watch Downton Abbey, you will see the beautiful reproductions and vintage clothing of both daytime and evening as it progressed in England through the 1920’s from Edwardian corsets, curves and long lengths, to shorter hems, straighter hips and short hairstyles.

This tea can represent any version you choose for the 1920’s, but our dress rentals lean more on the drop waist day styles, with some of the glitter of evening beauty (because it’s fun!)


  • Straight styles – meant to show a boyish figure (no waist shaping, slim hips, binding of the chest to make it appear flatter.)
  • A dropped waist emphasis with a sash or embellishment.
  • For evening, heavy beading on sheer silks or velvet, often in an art deco motif. Later on, fringe and beading and openness to allow movement and dancing.
  • Mary Jane shoes. Often accented with crystals and feathers at night.
  • Long necklaces, cloche hats, and head bands / embellishments.
  • Tabard style evening dresses, loose or open at the sides.




Short hairstyles with pin waves and curls.



How to Style Finger Waves