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Community Blanket Project

With over one million orphans in Zambia, the definition of “mother” stretches wide.  HIV/AIDS orphans are often cared for by grandparents, aunts, or uncles, often in single-parent households.  Winters can be cold in Zambia, and many families regularly sleep on the floor without a mattress, pillow, or blanket.

 Lovenss Banda is handed a blanket. Photo copyright Bevin Dunn.
Loveness Banda, caregiver of a child at PaKachele School,
receives a blanket from Temwani Children's Foundation volunteers, 2011.

Each year during the cold season, Temwani supplies blankets to the caregivers of orphans attending the Kondwa Day Center and PaKachele Primary School.  Blankets are purchased locally, contributing to the region’s economy. Gift a blanket today!


Watch a Video of the Guardians singing just before handing out the blankets in March of 2011.