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Education for the Visually Impaired

Rose Tyali of HAITA with new printer from Temwani Purchased with matching funds from the Tides Foundation, TCF’s contributions of a Braille printer and other supplies have helped to double HAITA’s production capability. In this picture, Director of HAITA, Rose Tayali, poses with the new printer that was delivered to her in early 2011.

Misconceptions about HIV and AIDS in Zambia are common, especially amongst youth. In 2007, almost two-thirds of young people aged 15-24 could not reject major misconceptions about HIV transmission, nor correctly identify ways of preventing sexual transmission of HIV.*

Temwani Children’s Foundation partners with HIV/AIDS Infortech Africa (HAITA), a nonprofit volunteer-run organization in Lusaka that provides HIV/AIDS educational material to one of the most vulnerable youth populations – the visually impaired.

Labor for the production of the Braille materials is donated in large part by members of the visually impaired community.  Brochures are then distributed to schools and clinics for the blind throughout the country.