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"PaKachele" Primary School Building Project

Director Angela Malik
PaKachele Director, Angela Malik
The Temwani Children's Foundation is proud to be one of the major funders of the PaKachele School, founded by Zambian Director Angela Malik and run by an amazing Zambian staff.

The name of the school, PaKachele, meaning “under the fig tree,” reminds us of the nurturing shade required to sprout seeds of hope in the lives of young people and the future legacy an education provides.

PaKachele Timeline

In 2009, Temwani supporters embraced Angela Malik’s dream for the orphans and vulnerable children of Ng’ombe Compound, a neighborhood in the capital city of Lusaka.

Contributions of $33,000 built 1st through 3rd grade classrooms, bathrooms, and a dining hall for the PaKachele School. 

On February 15, 2010, the school opened its doors for the first time, providing an excellent education and two nutritious meals daily for all of the children attending. 

On March 25, 2011, the community celebrated with a grand opening party! Read all about the opening day in this post, and watch a video too!

UPDATE! The PaKachele School is now full in 2015 with 7 grades and 240 children!! Funds raised now go towards keeping the school running. We help fund the meal program, teacher’s salaries and more!
Join us in sustaining this project!

How to help:

This little girl at Kondwa Day Center for Orphans is proud to show you that she has learned to count.

Can she count on you to help her continue her education?

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