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Zambian Partners

PaKachele Primary School

PaKachele children on playgroundThe Temwani Children's Foundation is proud to be one of the major funders of the PaKachele School, founded by Zambian Director Angela Malik and run by an amazing Zambian staff and School Board. This school provides food and education to orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia, Africa.

Temwani and it's supporters have had the privilege of watching this school go from a dream of Ms. Malik's, to an empty plot of land, to a functioning school full of happy children and bountiful gardens. This school is still under construction, and when finished will have 7 classrooms for grades 1-7.

You can read more about the school, it's needs, and functions at our PaKachele page >>

The Kondwa Day Center

Holding toothbrush from Angel ProjectWith more than 90 children ages 3-9, the Kondwa Day Center is a busy happy preschool! The Day Center provides basic education, two meals per day, and adult supervision to children and vulnerable children living in one of the most impoverished areas of Lusaka, Zambia. 

The children are divided into four classrooms based on age and education level: the Baby Class, the Nursery Class, the Middle Class, and the Pre-K Class. Children who graduate from the preschool move onto PaKachele School.

The Temwani Children's Foundation supports the Kondwa Day Center by sending gifts to each child as part of the Holiday Angel Project, sending volunteers to provide training and labor as part of the Zambia Volunteer Trip.

Seko House for Girls

Seko GirlsSeko House is a live-in home for pre-teen and teenage girls who endured extreme hardship or abusive situations.

Started by Angela Malik, who also directs PaKachele School, Seko House provides a safe family enviormnet with a house mother, food and love.

Temwani helps Seko House through our Angel Project and food donations.


Assisi School for children with disabilities

kids in classroomThis school provides care to 25 children with disabilities ranging from mental retardation to deafness. 

The children receive loving care from Sister Helen and the assistants, yet they are in need of many educational and behavioral tools because of their unique challenges. 

The Temwani Children's Foundation began helping Assisi through our Holiday Angel Project in 2008, and has inlcluded them each year since then. We have also offere specialized teacher training through a special volunteer trip organized by former Board Member Adam Hardin.

Mapalo Knitting and Sewing Initiative

child wearing mapalo sweaterThe widows group came together as a support group to help each other make a living and be independent.

The Temwani Children's Foundation purchased a $1500 knitting machine funded through a generous private donation. The cooperative uses the machine to make sweaters and garments to sell. Sweaters were also make by the women for the Kondwa Day Center's children.

Chishawasha Orphanage


Situated on the outskirts of Lusaka, Chishawasha is home to more than 40 orphans and is run by the by the Zambian Children's Fund.  With a brand new school and accommodations, the children live in group quarters and are cared for until they are able to take care of themselves as adults. 

The Temwani Children's Foundation has provided gifts to the children as part of the Holiday Angel Project in 2006.

Alliance for Children Everywhere

ace babiesThanks to the wonderful women at ACE who met with our board during our 2007 conference to share their experiences and advice for working in Zambia.

Temwani has partnered with ACE in various ways, including visits to ACE schools and facilities while in Zambia and donations of children's items.