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Volunteer Spotlight

Laurie Holland with childrenTemwani is grateful for our many volunteers that have shared their hearts with the children and communities of Zambia. These include individuals, families, school classrooms, church groups and civic organizations.

Anyone is invited to help volunteer with Temwani. Ideas include:

  • Host a fundraising dinner
  • Collect change in classrooms
  • Benefit concert
  • Create a benefit walk or run
  • Come on a volunteer trip to Zambia
  • Wrap gifts at Bookstores for donations (Barnes & Noble offers this.)

Need more ideas and want to see what our volunteers have accomplished?

Visit the Volunteer Spotlight on our blog!


If you need help getting started, The Temwani Children’s Foundation organizes public presentations, slideshows and educational projects to share information about a variety of issues facing children in Zambia

We would love to present to your professional, religious, charitable, or educational
organization! Please contact us at info {at}!