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Temwani Means LoveThe name Temwani expresses the mission of the Temwani Children's Foundation, which is to bring happiness and hope to the lives of orphaned children and communities impoverished by the effects of HIV/AIDS in Lusaka, Zambia in Africa.

Read "Love is a Circle", our latest Annual Campaign, and be touched by child quotes and heartfelt Giving Options that will make a difference in the lives of Zambian children!

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Check out this new 9 minute video about PaKachele School in Zambia, built with support from the Temwani Children's Foundation.

Almost 10% of children in Zambia are now orphans, and over half of them are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS.* On average, these children will live to be only 39 years old.** The toll of HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty on Zambia and other African countries is staggering, but there are many ways for individuals to make a difference and help.

This website provides a way for you to learn about how you can help orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia. Read about our current projects, like the PaKachele Primary School.

Together, we are building a school and building into children’s lives by providing food, education, and a positive future!

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*Unicef report on Zambian statistics gathered in 2009.
**US Department of State, Bureau of African Affairs, 4/11/2011.